The perfect Gift for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Christenings, or even just to Cheer a Family member or friend up (especially during this difficult time) 

Here at G A Music Service you can choose from ANY Traditional sounding tune from a slow air to a reel and even the more continental sounding melody... The compositions are totally bespoke, and we will make sure you are entirely happy with your special tune, but sending you 2 or 3 compositions at a time in ordr for you to decided on your favourite. 

There are a few different tune packages available! As you can see. 


Hi Gary, Just a wee note to say thanks for the tunes you composed for myself Marie & Finlay Mackay of Inveralligin for my parents it’s a cracker of a tune along with the fishy jig and the cracker of 2/4 march much appreciated a great service and an excellent present to give for a gift be it Birthday, Family, Wedding anniversary etc. All the best John Mackay ”

— John Mackay

Malcolm McFadyen of Castlebay (Barra) written for me by Gary Alexander. I was extremely delighted that Garry wrote this lively foot tapping get up and go tune for me, makes for good powerful listening, I can’t wait till my tune goes to CD, I have heard a version of it by Garry with Piano and guitar added, absolutely brilliant. I wish Garry every success in his new venture, I’m sure he’s going to do really well, I have also heard plenty other music that he plays and I would recommend him for weddings and parties, you won’t be disappointed, Signed Malcolm McFadyen of Castlebay”

— Malcolm Mcfadyen

(I've known garry a long time and I've always known he was a fantastic musician. There's not alot he can't do or play, after listening to some of his own compositions there wasn't a missed note in sight. A 2/4 March stood out from the rest,one of the best I have heard and after he wrote the tune after me it will be a tune I'll never forget. With compositions like this he will continue for years to come). ”

— Matthew Cruikshank