The perfect Gift for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Christenings, or even just to Cheer a Family member or friend up (especially during this difficult time) 

Here at G A Music Service you can choose from ANY Traditional sounding tune from a slow air to a reel and even the more continental sounding melody... The compositions are totally bespoke, and we will make sure you are entirely happy with your special tune, but sending you 2 or 3 compositions at a time in ordr for you to decided on your favourite. 

There are a few different tune packages available! As you can see. 


Hi Gary, Just a wee note to say thanks for the tunes you composed for myself Marie & Finlay Mackay of Inveralligin for my parents it’s a cracker of a tune along with the fishy jig and the cracker of 2/4 march much appreciated a great service and an excellent present to give for a gift be it Birthday, Family, Wedding anniversary etc. All the best John Mackay ”

— John Mackay

Malcolm McFadyen of Castlebay (Barra) written for me by Gary Alexander. I was extremely delighted that Garry wrote this lively foot tapping get up and go tune for me, makes for good powerful listening, I can’t wait till my tune goes to CD, I have heard a version of it by Garry with Piano and guitar added, absolutely brilliant. I wish Garry every success in his new venture, I’m sure he’s going to do really well, I have also heard plenty other music that he plays and I would recommend him for weddings and parties, you won’t be disappointed, Signed Malcolm McFadyen of Castlebay”

— Malcolm Mcfadyen

(I've known garry a long time and I've always known he was a fantastic musician. There's not alot he can't do or play, after listening to some of his own compositions there wasn't a missed note in sight. A 2/4 March stood out from the rest,one of the best I have heard and after he wrote the tune after me it will be a tune I'll never forget. With compositions like this he will continue for years to come). ”

— Matthew Cruikshank

Bronze Package -   Tune of your choice composed and emailed as PDF - £45.00

Gold Package - Tune of your choice, plus receive your tune(s) printed, framed and posted £75.00

Platinum Package -  Your composition tune, Plus, Your Tune professionally recorded (with accordion, piano, drums, guitar or anything else you require), mixed and mastered, Along with another of your favourite tunes (on request) These will be sent to you in CD (or MP3 Format) plus printed and Framed - £100.00